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Top Ten Strange Dog Breeds

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The dog, the best friend of man. But with some dogs it is still the question if you like to be seen on the street. What about the following ten very special dog breeds:

10.  Xoloitzcuintli

Top Ten Strange Dog Breeds

Perhaps even stranger than the appearance of this dog is the name, Xoloitzcuintli. You pronounce it as Sho-lo-eets-quint-lee, but the name that he is also familiar with is the Mexican hairless dog. This dog has a long history in Mexico, for the ancient Aztecs the dogs were even sacred. They brought the souls of deceased to the underworld.

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9.  Bedlington Terrier

Top Ten Strange Dog Breeds

No, it's not a lamb, this is really a dog. The Bedlington Terrier, named after the miners' town Bedlington in the North East of England. The dog was originally bred to hunt pests in the mines.

8.  Affenpinscher

Top Ten Strange Dog Breeds

The Affenpinscher is also called "Monkey Dog". Obviously because of the many characteristics that he shares with the monkeys, both in appearance and character. A rough coat and a flat face. He has more hair around his chest and shoulders than behind, so it seems like he has a kind of mane.

7.  Puli

Top Ten Strange Dog Breeds

The Puli dog is a real Rastafari. From the age of nine months the dreadlocks begin to form. It will therefore be no surprise that the hair of these dogs requires a lot of care. Incidentally, it may not seem so, but the Puli is a light and very agile dog. Incidentally, they also seem to be very suitable as a watchdog.

6.  Bergamasco

Top Ten Strange Dog Breeds

Just like the Puli, the Bergamasco also has dread locks, but they are more matted than cords.

5.  Löwchen

Top Ten Strange Dog Breeds

The Löwchen is also often called the "Little Lion Dog". Incidentally, the breed is also known as one of the rarest, and most expensive.

4.  Mastino Napoletano

Top Ten Strange Dog Breeds

The Mastino napoletano is one of the very oldest dog breeds. It is said that the race already existed in the time of Alexander the Great (350 BC). The special appearance of this dog is because the epidermis is over the entire body of the subcutaneous skin.

3.  Chinese Crested Hairless Dog

Top Ten Strange Dog Breeds

In the list of the ugliest dogs we often met the Chinese hairless dog, and not without reason!

2.  Chow Chow

Top Ten Strange Dog Breeds

In addition to its 'bloated' appearance, the Chow Chow also has a blue tongue and blue gums!

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1.  Catalburun

Top Ten Strange Dog Breeds

The Turkish Catalburun is one of three types of dogs with a split nose (just like the Pachon Navarro and the Andean Tiger hound). The dog is also known as the Turkish Pointer.

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