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Top Ten Safest Cars In The World

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

When buying a vehicle, it is necessary to focus on the security systems available to it, since not only the form of transmission or engine power is important. In an accident every year, killing about a million people, which indicates that many cars do not have sufficient reliability. The European organization Euro NCAP and the Institute for Road Safety IIHS (America) conducted a number of tests and defined a list of the safest vehicles. Models from this list have the most pronounced protective properties for drivers and passengers.

10.  Volvo - S60, XC60 and S80

Top Ten Safest Cars In The World

On the tenth line are three Volvo models at the same time - S80 and XC60, as well as S60. Machines of this brand are rightly considered the safest. The experiments showed that they have 98 safety points for drivers and passengers out of 100 possible. They are rated five stars by the Euro NCAP committee, and the Top Safety Pick "+" mark was won from the safety institute.

Top Ten Most Powerful

9.  Acura MDX

Top Ten Safest Cars In The World

The car from Japan Acura MDX is on the ninth line among the most reliable in the world. This model belongs to the premium class and has the highest scores from the Institute IIHS, and is also rated Top Safety Pick "+". This machine is equipped with collision avoidance systems, which are able to notify the driver of possible frontal contacts. Passive safety of all in the cabin of Acura is provided by a wide range of protective cushions, as well as a pillow protecting the knees of the person sitting behind the wheel.

8.  Mazda 3

Top Ten Safest Cars In The World

The Japanese car Mazda 3 confidently passed the crash tests of various organizations, which resulted in a five-star rating and Top Safety Pick "+". Such a high score on the safety functions of the machine has been obtained, withstood in side collisions, as well as frontal impacts. It is equipped with the function of informing the rest of the motorists about an emergency stop. And the system Smart City Brake Support allows you to avoid an accident while distracting the driver by maintaining the necessary distance between the other participants in the traffic. At low speed, the car can independently turn on the braking system and stop driving. In addition, Mazda is equipped with a system of so-called "anti-blind zones", which allows its driver to fully assess the situation from behind. But good points for creating safety for the pedestrians of the movement of this model were missing, since it has stiff racks in the field of the windshield.

7.  Chevrolet Spar

Top Ten Safest Cars In The World

The brand car from America Chevrolet Spark took the seventh line among the safest in the world. It was tested by the American organization IIHS and awarded the Top Saferty Pick rating with a "+" sign. In tests, this machine was subjected to a collision in collisions with a tree, as well as a pole when driving at an average speed of 64 km / h. At the same time, the excellent seat design proved to be very good, which creates a very reliable fixation in the armchair, as a result of which all people (in the experiment - mannequins) remained seated in their seats. Also, all the available airbags showed themselves perfectly. Negative point - Chevrolet Spark showed not very high reliability of the body part during the collisions.

6.  Renault Zoe

Top Ten Safest Cars In The World

In 2013, the compact car Renault Zoe received the status of one of the safest cars. Among the other cars in his class, he managed to score the highest score (89 out of 100 possible) for reliability for adults in the cabin, 80 points for children's safety, and 66 points for pedestrian safety. But at the same time the model has a rather weak protection for side and frontal contacts, for example, with a pole. In our country at the moment Renault Zoe is not imported.

5.  Maserati Ghibli III

Top Ten Safest Cars In The World

Sedan premium class Maserati Ghibli III is rightfully considered one of the safest cars on the world stage. This model received good points for creating safety for both passengers and drivers, as well as for pedestrians. The machine received excellent marks from the American expert IIHS, having won the Top Safety Pick "+" rating, in addition, it was highly appreciated by the European committee Euro NCAP.

4.  Jeep Cherokee

Top Ten Safest Cars In The World

At the fourth position in the ranking of the most reliable vehicles in the world is Jeep Cherokee. This car is equipped with a cruise control function that warns about the appearance of fixing radar or CCTV cameras, allows you to keep the necessary distance between the rest of the cars on the track, and if necessary can completely stop the car. Also this model has the Lane Departure Warning Plus system, which can notify about the violation of road marking, which also gives an opportunity to achieve additional traffic safety.

3.  Kia Carens

Top Ten Safest Cars In The World

In the last place in the top three leading cars is the Korean car Kia Carens. Of the hundred points for ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers, he earned 94. A rating of five stars in the car was awarded to the European Euro NCAP, which allowed it to become the safest vehicle among its class cars. However, with respect to the protection of pedestrians in case of a possible impact, the car was rated only 64 points. In the Russian market to date, Kia Carens is not represented.

2.  Lexus IS 300h

Top Ten Safest Cars In The World

The silver medal was awarded to the Lexus IS 300h, which rightfully rose to the honorary second stage. On reliability for adults, the car scored 91 points, and the protection of children - 85 points. A good mark Lexus also received concerning the safety of pedestrians from the bumper. The car has an "active" hood that is able to react to contact with the use of sensors and at the same time automatically open, thus providing pedestrians with additional protection. The car passed Euro NCAP tests and gained 66 points in terms of reliability of the electronics systems.

Top Ten Greatest

1.  Qoros 3

Top Ten Safest Cars In The World

The list of the most reliable cars was headed by Qoros 3 Sedan. The Euro NCAP Committee of Europe awarded this car with the highest score for reliability. The interior of this model perfectly withstands frontal impact. The design is heavy-duty, so people are fully protected from various damages during accidents. At lateral contacts, the head, thoracic and pelvic sections are also well protected. With regard to child safety, this car scored 87 points out of a hundred possible. Fixers for a child seat have successfully passed tests for front and side loads, so the chances of hitting a child with interior items in the cabin are minimized. The protection of pedestrians against the bumper was rated at 77 points. Such excellent safety indicators the car managed to get thanks to the work of the American company TRW, which develops and supplies electronic systems to the manufacturer of this vehicle. The price of Qoros 3 Sedan reaches approximately 20,000 euros.

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