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Top Ten New Year Intentions

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

At the end of each year it is a good time to look back on the previous year and to ask yourself whether you are on the right track. For many people, the turn of the year forms a moment of reflection, reflection and all those terms that you read in special booklets about New Year's intentions. What are the things that people want to change most, or what they are not satisfied with? Many intentions have to do with healthier living, free up more time for your family and friends and give something back to society. However, there are still a lot of striking - and difficult - intentions that also reach the top ten. What are the top 10 New Year intentions?

10.  Get everything in order

Top Ten New Year Intentions

If your life is a mess, or if you have that feeling, the end of the year is the ideal opportunity to settle once and for all with the specter of a disorganized existence. It is tiring to have three agendas, but never to know where they are. Or, for example, to come home in a living room where the books and television are covered in dust and the litter box has not been cleaned for two weeks, or are we? In order to get all this in order, it is once in a while necessary to get the broom - sometimes literally - through your life. Clean the house, buy new products that help you in an organized life and make arrangements with yourself. However, this is easier said than implemented in practice. Agreements with others, we usually like to, but agreements with ourselves are the most difficult to keep up ... Read more...

9.  Altruism - giving something back to others

Top Ten New Year Intentions

With something giving away is not necessarily meant money. It may also be that you decide to free a few hours every week to do the messages of your old neighbor and to have a chat with him. Time is much more valuable than money and other material things. Time is finite. This awareness often comes about a little stronger around New Year's Eve than in the previous period. New Year is pre-eminently the time to do something for someone else. Many people really want to mean something for someone else. More and more people are really looking for ways to help others. Maybe an idea to start in your own environment? Who from your group of friends or family can now use an extra helping hand?

8.  Learn something new

Top Ten New Year Intentions

Are you so stuck in your old job? Are you sometimes sick of the children or the partner? Do they always say the same thing? These are minor annoyances that, if you are not careful, can lead to serious explosions within the intimate circle. To avoid this, it is great to regularly change your mind and choose for yourself. Learning something new is extremely suitable for this. Have you always been interested in computers and programming, but have never had the time and energy to deepen your knowledge? Sign up for a course and give your brain some creative rest. Go dance, paint, debate groups or register with a film club: if you only get to know new people and new things. All those little annoyances disappear like snow in the sun.

7.  No more debts

Top Ten New Year Intentions

With a financial debt on your shoulders, you will still bear the burden of a previous life on your back in the coming year. This causes a lot of stress for some people. Maybe the coming year will be the year that you will do everything to get your finances in order? Prepare a plan, switch on help and start working with the aim of getting rid of that debt or at least significantly reducing it. Then you will be a lot more relaxed next Christmas and you will look back on a year in which you have taken adult steps for a fine continuation of your life.

6.  Stop drinking

Top Ten New Year Intentions

Drink can make an evening to a limited extent or, if something more is drunk, break. If you find that there are too many evenings when you look a little too deep in the glass and you notice the effect on the daily life pattern, you can do something about it. The new year symbolizes renewal and the freshness of a new existence. Seek professional help if you think you need it or talk about it with friends or family. If it is not all that bad, but you just want to moderate a little, speak a limit with yourself. And keep to that. A drink at his time should be best.

5. The Stress

Top Ten New Year Intentions

With the rise of Yoga, meditation and all kinds of other forms, especially spiritual, relaxation, it has become generally accepted to let you go all the way. In the busy society in which we live it is always 'must, must, must'. More and more people are consciously opting for a somewhat relaxed lifestyle. For one, relaxed Yoga means, while that for the other are model trains. It does not matter what you do, if you only find something that functions as a kind of resting point in your life. Both body and mind are constantly bombarded by all kinds of messages in our hypes society. By going into your own world for a while you will be able to withstand a lot better.

4.  Stop Smoking

Top Ten New Year Intentions

There he is. Quitting smoking is at the top of the list of New Year's intentions for many people. That is also not surprising when you consider how much money this 'hobby' costs you every year. In addition, it is bad for your health. Your teeth, lungs and skin suffer heavily under the wrath of the cigarette, especially if you have been doing it for a while. At the same time it is also very difficult to stop. It is not for nothing an addiction. Stopping 'Cold turkey' is perhaps best. Lock yourself up for a week with someone who supports you and tries to get through that difficult period together. Anyone can do it. Seek support from others who also start this difficult task with New Year.

3.  Diets - Lose Extra Pounds

Top Ten New Year Intentions

A large part of the population is overweight. Certainly in Western countries, many people suffer from a too big belly or serious thighs due to cheap and unhealthy food. It is therefore no surprise that losing a few extras of pounds is high on the wish list for many people. Unfortunately, there is no pill that takes care of this a la minute. Moving and eating less is the simple motto. It also helps to set concrete goals. If you want to get back into those pants from 10 years ago, look how many kilos you have to lose. Setting goals and getting them is the best feeling in the world.

2.  Sports

Top Ten New Year Intentions

To lose pounds you will really have to exercise a bit. In addition, sports are also good for your general well-being. You feel good after a good workout and also make fabrics that make your life a lot more pleasant. You become ill less quickly, you run fewer risks of serious illnesses and you become older. What do you actually stop to do not exercise an hour or two every week for two or three times. Take a good look at what you love. Do you want to work with other people in a team or are you more of a fitness person? Find something that suits you. Only then will you keep it full. Read more...

1.  Spend more time with family and friends

Top Ten New Year Intentions

It is a cliche, but no less true. The cold time at the end of the year provides more reflection. At the fire - or more modern: at the heating - you see your loved ones around you. Why do not you spend more time with them? It is a question of conscience that concerns many. A busy job, an intensive hobby or more of that sort of thing: they are all important, but are not family and friends always? Maybe it's nice to see your husband only at dinner and at the weekend? Otherwise he irritates you so ... The most beautiful days of the year, when the snowflakes gently blow against the window, are the time to take a look at your life. Nobody does everything right or in the right way. It is about whether you - and your environment - are satisfied. If so, you have a very simple New Year's plan: just keep on going like that.

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