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Top Ten Greatest Boxers Of All Time

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Below is a list of the top ten best boxers of all time. Also recommend, get acquainted with the rating of the greatest fighters of MMA in history.

10.  George Foreman

Top Ten Greatest Boxers Of All Time

George Foreman, known by the nickname "Big George" (born Jan. 10, 1949) is an American boxer, 1968 heavyweight champion in the heavyweight division, heavyweight champion in the WBC (1973-1974), WBA (1973-1974, 1994) and the IBF (1994-1995). He is the oldest heavyweight champion in the history of boxing (he won the title in 45 years), and also the most shattering heavyweight of all time. In 1997, after a controversial defeat from Shannon Briggs, by decision of the judges, he completed his career and became a pastor. He has his own church, in which he preaches and helps the destitute. Total Foreman conducted 81 fights, of which 76 won (by knockout 68).

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9. Sugar Ray Leonard

Top Ten Greatest Boxers Of All Time

Sugar Ray Leonard, known under the nickname "Sugar" (born May 17, 1956) is an American professional boxer, world welterweight champion (WBC, 1979-1980 and 1980-1982, WBA, 1981-1982), 1st WBA , 1981), medium (WBC, 1987), 2nd Middle (WBC, 1988-1989) and light heavyweight (version WBC, 1988) weight categories. He is the 1976 Olympic Champion and one of the strongest boxers of the 80s of the last century. For his professional career, Leonard had 40 fights, of which he won 36 (25 KO), one draw.

8.  Marvin Hagler

Top Ten Greatest Boxers Of All Time

Eighth place in the ranking of the best boxers of all time goes to Marvin Hagler, nicknamed "Amazing" (born May 23, 1954) - a former American professional boxer, the absolute world champion in the middleweight category (1980-1987). One of the strongest boxers of the 1980s. In 1993 he was introduced to the International Boxing Hall of Fame. For his professional career, Hagler had 67 fights, of which 62 won (by knockout 52), two draws.

7.  Archie Moore

Top Ten Greatest Boxers Of All Time

Archie Moore, known under the nickname "Old Mongoose" (December 13, 1916-9 December 1998) is an American professional boxer, two-time world light heavyweight champion (December 1952-May 1962), one of the boxers with the longest career. He also owns a record for the number of completed knockouts for a career (131). Archie Moore was one of the most aggressive boxers of all time, with an extremely heavy right hand. He spent 219 fights, of them 185 won, eleven draws. After the completion of his career, for a short time he coached such famous boxers as Mohammed Ali, George Foreman, James Tillis.

6.  Roy Jones Jr.

Top Ten Greatest Boxers Of All Time

Roy Jones Jr., nicknamed Superman, Captain Hook, Jr. (born January 16, 1969) is a famous American professional boxer, world middleweight champion (IBF, 1993-1994), second middleweight champion (IBF, 1994) -1996), light heavyweight (WBC, 1997, 1997-2002 and 2003-2004, WBA, 1998-2002, IBF, 1999-2002), in the first heavy (WBU, 2013 -.) And heavy (WBA, 2003) weight categories. Silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988. He is the only boxer in history who started a professional career in middleweight, and then won the title in a heavyweight. In the 1990s, he was named "Boxer of the Decade". During his professional career, Jones conducted 71 fights, of which 62 won (by knockout 45). In addition to boxing, he is also known for his musical and acting career.

5.  Joe Louis

Top Ten Greatest Boxers Of All Time

In the fifth place in the list of the best boxers in the world, Joseph Luis Barrow, nicknamed "The Brown Bomber" (May 13, 1914-12, 1981) is an American boxer, the absolute world heavyweight champion from 1937 to 1949. He is considered one of the greatest heavyweights of all time, who set a record - defended his champion belt 25 times (from June 22, 1937 to March 1, 1949). Throughout his career, Joe Louis had 70 fights, of which won in 66 (knockout 52), one draw.

4.  Julio César Chávez

Top Ten Greatest Boxers Of All Time

Julio César Chávez, known by the nicknames "El León de Culiacan" and "JC" (born July 12, 1962) is a Mexican professional boxer, world champion in the second semi-lighter (WBC, 1984-1987), lightweight (WBC, 1987 -1988, WBA version, 1988), 1st Welterweight (WBC, 1989-1994, 1994-1996, IBF, 1990-1991) weight categories. In 2011 he was introduced to the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Julio César Chávez is considered the greatest Mexican boxer and one of the greatest boxers of all time. For his professional career, which lasted 25 years, he spent 115 fights, of them won in 107 (knockout 86), two draws.

3.  Henry Armstrong

Top Ten Greatest Boxers Of All Time

Henry Armstrong, nicknamed "Slaughtered Hank" (December 12, 1912-22 October, 1988) - American boxer, world champion in light, light and welterweight. The only boxer who for a short period in 1938 simultaneously held three league titles in different weight categories. At the welterweight title defended nineteen times. Henry Armstrong for his career spent 181 battles, of which he won 150 (by knockout 101), ten draws. After retiring from boxing in 1946, opened a nightclub.

2.  Mohammed Ali

Top Ten Greatest Boxers Of All Time

Mohammed Ali, known under the nickname "The Greatest", "People's Champion" (January 17, 1942 - June 3, 2016) is a legendary American professional boxer, champion of the 1960 Summer Olympic Games in the light heavyweight category, absolute world champion in heavyweight (1964-1966) , 1974-1978). He is one of the most recognizable and well-known boxers in history. Five-time holder of the title of "Boxer of the Year" (1963, 1972, 1974, 1975, 1978) and "Boxer of the Decade" (1970s). In 2002, he was awarded the star of glory on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. During his professional career Ali had 61 bouts, 56 of them won (37 by KO). After the end of his sports career, he was engaged in charitable and public activities. Since 1984, he suffered from the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

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1.  Sugar Ray Robinson

Top Ten Greatest Boxers Of All Time

Sugar Ray Robinson, nicknamed "Sugar" (May 3, 1921-12, April 1989) is an American professional boxer, world welterweight champion (1946-1950) and middleweight (1951, 1951-1952, 1955-1957, 1957 and 1958-1960 weight categories. In 1990 he was introduced to the International Boxing Hall of Fame. According to many journalists, coaches and other fighters, is considered the greatest boxer of all time and people. For his professional career, Robinson spent 200 fights, of which 173 won (108 by KO), six draws. After retiring from boxing, tried to make a career as an entertainer, but he never did.

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