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Virat Kohli’s Perfect answer to Manushi Chhillar goes viral!

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Virat Kohli’s Perfect answer to Manushi Chhillar goes viral!

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Manushi Chhillar and Virat Kohli are the two Indians who are really excelling at representing India at a global level.
Manushi who has recently been crowned the Miss World 2017 and Virat Kohli who is leading face of Indian cricket met at an event recently. Kohli did the honor of awarding Manushi with the Special Achievement Award while he won the Popular Choice for Indian of the Year award.
At the event, Virat was asked a question by Manushi and his answer was perfectly what we expect from a man of his caliber.
She asked, “You are one of the best batsmen in the world today and you’ve been such an inspiration. You’ve really given back to the society. But there are a lot of young people who draw inspiration from you. How would you like to give back for children, especially in the world of cricket?”

To which Virat candidly replied, “Well, what’s very important to understand is when you do what you do and you express yourself on the field, it has to be genuine and it has to be from the heart. Otherwise if people find out that you’re trying to pretend, then they can never connect to you. Everyone has to go through a mutual process to be where they get to in life to become more mature. What’s very important to understand is one should never lose their own identity, character and personality because if you try to be someone else you can never succeed, and you can never inspire others.”
He also added, “For me the joy of life is just watching that ball and hitting it from the middle of the bat”.
Well, his reply was met with thunderous applause and we got to agree that it takes a real sport to answer so candidly. Also, props to Manushi for coming up with such a sassy question.

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