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Top Ten Most Shocking Rituals Around The World

Sunday, 31 December 2017

While millions of people do not represent their lives without gadgets, computers and other technical devices on our planet, there are not only strange, but very eerie rituals that shock any civilized person.

So, the hot ten of the most terrible rituals on planet Earth.

10.  Deadly Ritual

Top Ten Most shocking rituals around the world

In the Amazon jungle, the people of the Yanomamo tribe crem their relatives, and then their ashes are added to the mixture of bananas and eaten. They believe that death is an unnatural process, therefore they carry out this ritual so that the souls of their relatives continue to live with them. Read more...

9.  Piercing

Top Ten Most shocking rituals around the world

On the island of Phuket in Thailand, a vegetarian festival is held every year, in which there was a place for a shocking rite. During the ceremony, participants pierce their cheeks with spears, knives and hooks. They believe that in this state the spirits guard their bodies by introducing them into a state of trance, bestow luck and protect them from dark forces.

8.  Dancing With The Dead

Top Ten Most shocking rituals around the world

On the island of Madagascar, a really terrible ritual is performed (the dance of Famadihan). Participants in the ritual dig out the graves with the dead bodies of their relatives and dance with their stiff corpses around the graves. They believe that the soul does not fall into the afterlife until it says goodbye to its physical shell.

7.  Walking On The Hot Coals

Top Ten Most shocking rituals around the world

In Malaysia, there is a strange festival, which is dedicated to nine emperor-gods. One of the rites of this festival includes purification by fire. Participants of the ceremony walking barefoot on burning coals. It is believed that the spirits of fire frighten off evil entities, give strength and purify from many ailments.

6.  Heavenly Burial

Top Ten Most shocking rituals around the world

Tibetan monks believe in the cycle of reincarnations of the soul on earth. Therefore, they see no point in the usual burial of the body of the deceased. So that the soul does not become attached to its physical shell, after the death of a person, a special employee cuts the corpse of the corpse into small parts and spreads them around the whole area to feed vultures.

5.  The Magic of Voodoo

Top Ten Most shocking rituals around the world

The African ritual of obsession with the spirit of the deceased is prevalent in the west of the continent. It is believed that during this rite, the spirit of the deceased settles in a person, after which the obsessed person loses consciousness. In this state, he will stay for three days until the soul of the deceased ancestor leaves him.

4.  Jumping On The Vine

Top Ten Most shocking rituals around the world

This ritual is quite dangerous for life. He is being held in a village called Bunlap, located on one of the islands of the Pacific coast. For this rite specially constructed high structures of wood. While the villagers are spinning in wild dances to the drums, the main participants in the ritual tightly tie their ankles with ropes from the vine and make jumps from the tower.

3.  Self-Healing

Top Ten Most shocking rituals around the world

This shocking ceremony is annually held by Muslims - Shiites during the onset of the holy month of Muharram. So they pay homage to the memory of Hussein (grandson of the Prophet Muhammad), who died in violent agony. Before this terrible ritual, men enter a state of trance, and then beat themselves with chains with the blades fixed to them.

2.  Dance of the Sun

Top Ten Most shocking rituals around the world

Native Americans have always been in contact with the earthly forces. Communication with the spirits of the Earth gave them the opportunity to thank the deities for every gift. Before carrying out this ritual, a wooden pole was installed, symbolizing the life tree. It was tied with sharp wooden pegs, which were inserted into the bodies of the participants. After that, moving forward and backward, they tried to pull out these pegs, tearing the skin out of themselves. This ritual could last several hours. Read more...

1.  Necrophagy and cannibalism

Top Ten Most shocking rituals around the world

In India, there is a sect of aghori, whose members are cannibals. According to Hinduism, not all dead people are subject to cremation. There are five types of dead that this religion prohibits burning: enlightened individuals, children, women unmarried or pregnant, and people who died from snake bites or leprosy. Their bodies are customarily thrown into the holy Ganges River, from which members of the Aghori sect are caught and eaten during rituals.

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