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Top Ten Most dangerous breeds of dogs in the world

Thursday, 28 December 2017

The aggressiveness of a dog depends largely on education and training. A good owner tries not to allow situations when it can harm a person. Some studies have shown that people are sometimes attacked by representatives of breeds, which all consider harmless. This applies to Labradors, Dalmatians, etc. This rating - the top 10 most dangerous breeds of dogs in the world, is made not by the number of attacks of a particular breed, but by the physical damage they can inflict on a person.

10. The Canarian Dog

Top ten Most dangerous breeds of dogs in the world

Origin of the breed: Spain
Height (cm): 56-68
Weight (kg): 45-60

They have long been used as shepherds and watchmen. Their formidable form in itself is able to scare off a person who has conceived the evil. Their character is very calm, even phlegmatic and they can not be considered one of the most evil breeds of dogs in the world. But if the dog feels danger to the owner or the protected area, he is able to attack with sufficient force and aggression. To strangers are suspicious, as well as to other dogs. Two cases in the US are widely known when these dogs attacked their masters with a fatal outcome.
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9. German Shepherd Dog

Top ten Most dangerous breeds of dogs in the world

Origin of the breed: Germany
Height (cm): 54-67
Weight (kg): 23-45

This breed is known to almost everyone and is used to solve a number of tasks: protection, patrolling, as shepherds, etc. It ranks third among all dogs by intelligence in the rating of Stanley Koren. A distinctive feature of the German Shepherd is the ability to perceive as a host of different people. This is very convenient for military service, but it can cause problems with home maintenance. Good learning ability allows you to actively use such dogs in the movies. They are best known for their roles in the film "K-9: Dog Work" and "Rex".

8. Chows

Top ten Most dangerous breeds of dogs in the world

Origin of the breed: China
Height (cm): 45-55
Weight (kg): 19-33

Chow - is considered one of the oldest and is among the ten most dangerous breeds of dogs in the world. In China, these animals have been known for over 2000 years. Their main purpose was to protect, they have a very strong sense of ownership, so they are good to the owners.
Unfamiliar people can be very surprised how the dog reacts to them, which seems so sweet. They have a calm character, they look slightly detached from what is happening. The owner should carefully monitor that unfamiliar people do not try to actively caress or play with the dog. This is fraught with unpleasant situations. According to Koren's rating, chow-chow occupy 77th place out of 80. But such an indicator does not speak of their stupidity. Simply, they do not like the repetition of the same action and during training in every way shy from work.

7. Doberman

Top ten Most dangerous breeds of dogs in the world

Origin of the breed: Germany
Height (cm): 61-72
Weight (kg): 27-45

The first Dobermans were distinguished by a rather fierce character, as they were withdrawn for protection. Subsequently, the breeders realized that this trait greatly hampers the wide spread of the breed. Therefore, the task of their selection was the preservation of service qualities and the development of a more peaceful nature. Today it is moderately excitable dogs. Evil individuals appear only as a result of genetic abnormalities or inappropriate education. Breeders try to exclude such specimens from breeding. Dobermans, especially males, like to fight with other dogs. So on walks with them you should be careful.

6. Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Top ten Most dangerous breeds of dogs in the world

Origin of the breed: Russia
Height (cm): 63-78
Weight (kg): 40-90

How much this dog is dangerous for a person can be judged only by looking at its dimensions. It is for this reason that the "Caucasians" are in the rating of the most dangerous dog breeds in the world. The height of the adult specimen reaches 78 cm with a weight of about 90 kg. They perfectly get on with the children, but it is more desirable not to leave them with them unattended due to the size and strength of the dog.
Smaller animals can also be quietly next to them, especially if they are familiar from childhood. But the shepherd tries to put the big dogs into place immediately. This breed is very good at determining whether a threat to the owner or the protected facility is threatening. The reaction in such cases should be immediate.

5. Siberian Husky

Top ten Most dangerous breeds of dogs in the world

Origin of the breed: Russia
Height (cm): 50-60
Weight (kg): 14-29

This breed is not suitable for carrying a shepherd or guard service. For a long time they were used exclusively as tractive power. In the absence of snow, they were often released for independent food. Therefore, they have a very developed hunting instinct. They can attack cats, hens and other animals. In addition, they need constant physical activity in large amounts.
The dog is very friendly and does not show aggression, unlike the service breeds. Attempts to teach Huskies an attack on people usually lead to mental disorders and make them potentially dangerous. The problem is added by the fact that Huskies like to leave their territory. They can learn to climb over fences, open doors, knock out windows, etc.

4. The German boxer

Top ten Most dangerous breeds of dogs in the world

Origin of the breed: Germany
Height (cm): 52-63
Weight (kg): 25-30

The ancestors of this breed were used for hounding animals, keeping them in place until the arrival of hunters. Subsequently, the breed began to develop with the expectation of maintaining a security service. Today they are very kind and playful dogs. They have a stable character, they can be safely left with children. Boxers are well trained, loyal to their master and suspicious of strangers. These qualities make it possible to use them as guides for the blind. But if the dog gets mad because of incorrect education, its jaw, capable of holding large animals in place, poses a great danger.

3. Anglish Bull Terrier

Top ten Most dangerous breeds of dogs in the world

Origin of the breed: Great Britain
Height (cm): 40-55
Weight (kg): 20-35

The third line in the ranking - the top 10 most dangerous in the world breeds of dogs is the Bull Terrier. This breed appeared as a result of mixing bulldogs, terriers and dalmatians. The purpose of breeding was to get a dog with a beautiful appearance, good mind and musculature. Some breeders did not take them seriously, believing that a fighting dog can not be beautiful. This dispute was resolved by a fight in which the bull terrier overcame the bulldog. This dog is a real fighter. She needs regular physical activity, a lot of attention, love and affection. Otherwise, it will develop aggressiveness and anger. That in combination with a dead grip and strong muscles will make it very dangerous. They do not find a common language with animals, including other dogs.

2. Rottweiler

Top ten Most dangerous breeds of dogs in the world

Origin of the breed: Germany
Height (cm): 55-69
Weight (kg): 41-50

Dogs of this breed can become a reliable friend and guard. But for this they need to be properly educated and trained. Even a tense atmosphere in the family can lead to increased aggression in them. Laziness combined with intelligence makes it difficult for them to train. They get along well with children and other dogs if they grow up together. But because of the larger size, it's best not to leave them alone. Take Rottweilers in the house should only at a young age, otherwise the process of habituation can be problematic. It is the failure to comply with the rules when dealing with these dogs leads to cases of attacks on their part.
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1. American pit bull terrier

Top ten Most dangerous breeds of dogs in the world

Origin of the breed: USA
Height (cm): 43-49
Weight (kg): 20-30

The most dangerous breed of dogs in the world - American pit bull terrier. Dogs of this breed are prohibited in some countries. Even the name reflects its past. "Pete" means fighting pit, in which dogs were forced to fight. The fate of the breed was in question after the ban of dog fights. Therefore, the breeders made every effort to soften their character. But using pitbulls in areas where they will direct aggression on a person is highly discouraged. Such a dog will eventually become dangerous to others. In other cases, pitbulls listen well to humans and quickly learn due to a combination of good intelligence and curiosity. The general dislike for this breed appeared because of the company in the media after the banning of dog fights, when any incident of the attack was widely covered.

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