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Top Ten Military Flights Most Expensive

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Fighter aircraft is a military aircraft designed primarily for air to combat other aircraft, compared to Bombers and attack aircraft, whose main mission is to attack land targets. The fighter characteristics are their speed, maneuverability, and their small size relative to the other combat aircraft.Also the Military flights Are Used for Rescue Operations For Disasters Like Flooding, Earth Quakes, Let See Top 10 Military Flights Most Expensive.

10.  Boeing F / A-18 Hornet: $ 94 million

First served in the 1980s, the first US-Fighter engine fighter aircraft was the first strike Fighter - an aircraft capable of attacking both land and air targets. He has seen an action in Desert Storm Operation and as an aircraft on the Fleet fleet Blue Angels Show Squad. The F / A-18 is also used in Canada, Australia, Finland, Kuwawa, Malaysia, Spain and Switzerland.

9.  EA-18g Grower: $ 102 million

Tea the presses, The Growler is an armed lightweight version of the F / A-18 Fighter that is up-to-date for electronic warfare (it is currently being delivered to the Navy). Growlers are there not only detecting and disrupting anti-aircraft radar, but also jamming enemy communication.

8.  V-22 Osprey: $ 118 million

This is a tilt-rotating aircraft that is on land and lands like a helicopter but can fly faster and longer as fixed wing wings, first used to fight in Iraq in 2007. Production is The Osprey has been bedeviled in problem design and construction: The craft claimed a life of at least 30 Marines and civilians during its development alone (as Vice President Dick Cheney repeatedly attempted the plane) . Still, due to its range and flexibility, the Marine Corps deploy plans of squadron of V-22s to Afghanistan by year-end.

7.  Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II: $ 122 million

Lockheed Martin 2001 deal with the construction of the stealth, supersonic fighter hits were at the time of the biggest military contract ever. The F-35s, designed to replace an aging aircraft Arsenal, was developed as part of the Fighter Co-Strike program between the US. and criticized his friends and as underpowered and overweight - goals and thus easy. Worrying things, from 2007 to 2008, cyberspies infiltrated the 7.5 million lines of computer code to drive the Joint Fighter Strike, anxiety that enemies could copy the F-35 design and increase their weaknesses. In April 2009, Lockheed Martin said he did not believe the program was at risk.

6.  E-2D Advanced Hawkeye: $ 232 million

A major advanced step for surveillance and exploration, Hawkeye Advanced's powerful new radar system will have a range of 300% monitored aircraft range. "It's probably possible to have the pop pistachios in Iran," analysts for the Lexington Institute of Ideas Thinking Party told July in July. While the development of the plane on the road and two test layouts have been delivered to the Navy, tax cuts may be kept on the planes for at least one year, longer than planned.

5.  VH-71 Kestrel: $ 241 million

The high-tech helicopter project, the president's Chopper fleet center, was appointed by aging, running more than 50% over budget at the time Barack Obama took office. Shortly after its Initiative, the President announced plans to scrap the helicopter top over a cost target. On July 22, however, the House Appropriations Committee unanimously approved $ 485 million rehabilitating the financing of windpowers.

4.  P-8A Poseidon: $ 290 million

Her Boeing military version spruced her 737 Jet will use the Navy to make anti-submarine warfare and collect information. It can make toys, missiles, depth charges and other weapons. P-8A is expected to enter into service in 2013.

3.  C17A Globemaster III: $ 328 million

The Air Force is a military transport aircraft that is used to move troops into war zones, make medical evacuation and missrop sent missions. There are 190 C17As in service; The aircraft that drives four turbofan engines (similar to the Boeing 757 Boeing engine) and can fall 102 paratroopers at the same time. In force since 1993, it is used to provide troops and humanitarian aid to Afghanistan and Iraq.

2.  F-22 Raptor: $ 350 million

The first shape during the Cold War was an aerial frame with Soviet aircraft ever built, The F-22 touted by Lockheed Martin's manufacturer as the best overall combat plane in the world - not to mention the most expensive. It can shoot down enemy cruise missiles, fly long distances at supersonic speeds and avoid almost all types of radar detection. But the Seanad debate is more than just seven more - at a cost of a taxpayer of $ 1.67 billion - eventually came to the job capabilities of creating the plane. The axed project would like to employ 25,000 Americans.

1.  B-2 Spirit: $ 2.4 billion

The B-2 bumper was so expensive to cut the first 1987 Conference to buy an order from 132 to 21. (In 2008, the current numbers crash at 20. The B-2 is difficult to detect via infrared, acoustic, electromagnetic, visual or radar symptoms. The stealth ability makes it possible to attack enemy goals with less fewer retaliation. In use since 1993, the B-2 has deployed both to Iraq and Afghanistan.

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