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Top Ten Longest Beards In The World

Friday, 29 December 2017

One might wonder why some men had such large beards. The beard that develops to a huge extent needs passion and patience to resist for so long. A common reason behind the long beard style is to look more attractive to most women.

Another reason is to have a dominant impact on other men. In addition, according to research, many feel under pressure compared to others, which is why they choose to try to look aggressive by letting facial hair grow. Each has its taste, but there are many men who stand out for women, with their attractive long beard, from time to time.

Throughout history, social attitudes toward male beard have varied greatly, depending on factors such as prevailing religious and cultural traditions, and the fashion trends of the present era. Some religions considered an absolutely full beard essential for all men capable of developing them, and determined as part of their official dogma. In this selection the ten longest beards in the world are highlighted.

10.  Vivian Wheeler - Woman With The Longest Beard In The World

Top Ten Longest Beards In The World

One of the iconic Guinness World Records holders, Vivian Wheeler is the woman with the longest beard in the world. She has a 25.4 cm beard that is usually tied to allow her to do her daily chores. Living in Oklahoma, she does not care about looks she receives in public. She spent most of her years exhibiting her long beard in side events using her secondary name Melinda Maxie. The huge length of his beard opened doors to give her the world record. Read more...

9.  Shavo Odadjian

Top Ten Longest Beards In The World

Shavo's striking beard hits his chest in the middle, leaving Shavo in ninth place in this selection of the 10 longest beards in the world. Their longer hair strands are confined in several 2.54 cm intervals.

8.  Madison Rowley

Top Ten Longest Beards In The World

Renowned Portland filmmaker, actor, and director, Madison saw its popularity grow as it was documenting its legendary beard to various social media sites. In addition, Madison took first place at the Beard and Mustache World Championships in Portland.

7.  Sean Z.

Top Ten Longest Beards In The World

The lead singer of the metal band for Daath, and famous keyboardist for Chimaira, Sean Z. has his beard in an impressive size of 30.48 cm. His beard was also chosen by most metal maniacs as the best beard in the history of the metal genre.

6.  Nate Johnson

Top Ten Longest Beards In The World

Well-known as Chops Johnson in the world of the beard, Nate currently has 12 titles under his belt. His championship caliber in beard competitions includes 5 top spots.

5.  Michael Law

Top Ten Longest Beards In The World

Michael spent most of his lovely 4 years developing his beard which reached a maximum length of 60.9 cm. The British man is the longest beard holder in Britain after letting it grow in an impressive way. He is the father of 2 children, Michael joined several beard contests and some of them made him champion.
According to Michael himself, out of about 12 competitions he attended, he went home with first place in at least 10 of them. His long beard did not stop him from looking after her. In fact, he collects several preparation kits and designs his beard with different styles, like the traditional one.

4.  Paul Wright

Top Ten Longest Beards In The World

Paul's hobby in regards to growing his beard started over 6 years ago in Britain. His beard measured an enormous length of 66.04 cm. The man was really impressed by the accelerated growth of his beard, so he decided to invest in it. For now, Paul is busy displaying his long beard in various contests.

3.  Shamsher Singh

Top Ten Longest Beards In The World

The length of Shamser's beard reaches 1.8 meters. The beard was measured from the end of the chin to the tip. He was proclaimed the holder of the longest beard in 1997 when he was alive. He was a native of Punjab, India, where he yearned for his beard.

2.  Sarwan Singh

Top Ten Longest Beards In The World

The current holder of the world's longest beard record is Sarwan Singh of Canada. His beard was measured approximately to have a length of 2.5 meters in September 2011, when measured in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.
The first measurement was carried out in Rome, Italy, where it reached long, impressive 2.3 meters. Years later, his beard grew larger allowing him to be the world record holder for the longest beard in a living man. Read more...

1.  Hans Nilsen Langseth - Greatest Beard Of All Time

Top Ten Longest Beards In The World

Top Ten Longest Beards In The World

Native to Norway, Hans or widely known as the King of Whiskers is the world's longest beard record holder, up to 5.3 meters in length, leading position in this selection of the 10 longest beards in the world. His beard was only measured during his burial in Kensett, Iowa, in 1927. Although he had been residing in the United States for 15 years, he never measured his beard until his death. Until the year 1967, his beard was presented to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, United States.

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