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Top Ten Facts about Dracula: the most famous Vampire in the world

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Count Dracula speaks to the imagination. This dark count appears in dozens of films and books, but this character was originally conceived by writer Bram Stoker. He wrote the horror story Dracula in 1897, after which Dracula became an old acquaintance in the world of film and literature. Do you want to know more about this mysterious character? Here you can find 10 facts about Dracula.

10. The second most common character

There are a number of characters that are common in different films and books. This is because they are inspiring, the perfect basis for a good story or just as Dracula is very mysterious. Dracula is therefore the second most common character in films and books. The count is only overtaken by Sherlock Holmes, the British detective who experiences new adventures in countless films and books time after time.

9. Dracula is probably based on Vlad the Impaler

Writers naturally take their inspiration from characters everywhere. In the case of Dracula, Bram Stoker was probably inspired by Vlad Dracula, or Vlad the Impaler. This monarch was the leader of Wallachia, a country that is now part of Romania. This monarch was known for his cruelty. He killed a large part of his enemies by stringing them on a skewer, of which he owed his nickname, of course. Stoker used the name Dracula to replace the original name "Graag Wampyr".

8. His ways come from actor Henry Irving

Before Dracula became known, vampires were mainly portrayed as disgusting monsters who were cruel and resembled corpses. Dracula completely changed this. He is responsible for the stereotype of the elegant, neat and almost charming vampire. This stereotype has not just arisen. Stoker took inspiration from the style and charm of actor Henry Irving. That was not for nothing, because Stoker hoped that this actor would like to play Dracula in a play about the vampire.

7. Inspiration from other vampire books

Dracula is probably the most famous vampire, but he is certainly not the first. Before Bram Stoker wrote the story about Dracula, several influential books had already appeared with a vampire in the lead. For example, there is the book Carmilla, which tells the story of a lesbian vampire who is teasing at a lonely and young woman. There is also the story of Varney the Vampire, a book that has influenced all subsequent stories about vampires. Stoker became so inspired that he himself was able to write an incredibly influential story about a vampire.

6. Dracula was originally not a great success

Nowadays we all know who Count Dracula is and Bram Stoker is a well-known name in the field of literature. That has not always been the case, because when the book first appeared, it was not the great success that it is now. Only in 1922, when a film based on Dracula appeared (Nosferatu), the popularity began to increase. This film was not made with the permission of the wife of the late Bram Stoker. That ensured a long legal battle over the rights of the book.

5. The 1931 film is a classic

Many films have been made about Dracula, but the version that appeared in 1931 is seen as a true classic. At the time the film was released, it was already a terrible blockbuster. Nowadays film critics see the film mainly as a true classic from his time that still needs to be studied a lot. The count from this film even managed to get a spot on the list of the most influential bad guys in film history.

4. Dracula loves the dark

Stoker describes Dracula as a man who abhors our hatred of darkness. He likes everything that is dark and dangerous. According to the writer Dracula has a white mustache, pointed ears, sharp teeth and of course a very thin body. He pretends to be a real gentleman: he is charming, polite and kind. Dracula speaks perfect English with a distinguished accent. At the same time, he can become extremely angry when someone thwarts his plans. So you could say that Dracula has two faces.

3. The special powers of Count Dracula

Dracula is not just a thin, pale-faced man. Apparently he has just as much power as twenty adult men together. In addition, he still has a number of exceptional powers. Dracula has telepathy, can hypnotize people, teleport themselves, take different forms, climb like a reptile and slip through the smallest holes. In addition, he has the power that all vampires possess: when he bites a human, he or she also turns into a vampire. That means that his victims get the same superhuman powers.

2. That's how you kill Dracula

When you read what kind of super powers this bad guy has, you may wonder how he can be defeated. Bram Stoker has a clear answer to that. You can defeat Dracula by decapitating him and stabbing him in his heart. Of course he is also put off by a number of typical things that vampires can not handle. This way he can not enter a room where a holy cross is hanging or where garlic can be found. In addition, Dracula must always be close to Transylvanian soil. Without this ground, he can never completely rest.

1. Thanks to Dracula, Transylvania is known for vampires

Transylvania is a historical area that can be found in Romania. This area is actually very quiet with lots of vast nature, but thanks to Dracula many people think that this is a dark area where evil is lurking. Thanks to this book by Bram Stoker, Transylvania has become known all over the world. In the town of Bran there is a castle that is even known as the castle of Dracula. You can visit it and there is a museum dedicated to the Count.

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