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Top Ten Tallest Men In The World

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

The greatest person in the world is Robert Pershing Wadlow, a US citizen, who has an increase of 272 centimeters with a body weight of 199 kg. The man died at the age of 22 and had such diseases as acromegaly and a pituitary tumor. Robert's last growth was measured for just over two weeks before his death. The young man earned his living by performances in the circus and achieved all-American fame. At Wodlow's funeral, up to 40,000 people attended.

1. Sultan Kösen

Top Ten Biggest Men In The World

The highest person today is the citizen of Turkey Sultan Kösen, whose height is 251 cm. The man was born in 1982 in a family of parents with normal growth, is a farmer and is forced to move on crutches. Sultan is sick with pituitary tumor. Also, Kösen holds the world's largest palm, the size of which is 27.5 cm. The length of the man's foot is 36 cm, this is the second result in the world, such figures correspond to the 62 size of the shoe. Clothing Sultan is forced to specially order by own standards. In March 2012, the suspension of the growth of Kyosen was recorded.

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2. Brahim Takiolah

Top Ten Biggest Men In The World

The tallest man in Morocco and the second in the world Brahim Takiolah has a height of 246 cm. The man was born in 1982 in Gulmin. Sharp growth began at age 13 and lasted until 2011. Takyiolah's growth measurements were taken three times a day for one month in a Paris clinic. Brahim has a world record of foot size, which is 38.1 cm. A man is forced to move, leaning on crutches. For the suspension of growth is forced to constantly undergo treatment in a hospital in Paris, where the medical process involved American specialists who developed the most progressive technique that stopped Brahim's growth.

3. Morteza Mehrzad Selakyan

The third place among the high people of the world is Morteza Mehrzad Selakyani, who has a height of 246 cm. The man is the tallest paralytic volleyball player. Morteza has a deviation in the length of the legs, the right leg is shorter than the left one by 15 centimeters. A man was born in Iran in 1987. Its abnormal growth is caused by acromegaly. Despite the deviations, it is considered one of the most successful big people who were able to realize their ailment for sporting purposes.

4. Zhan Junichai

The fourth position of the ranking of the world's biggest people is occupied by Zhan Juntsai, whose height reaches 242 cm. Born in 1966, the man lives in China in Shanxi Province. The peak of growth occurred in the period from 16 to 22 years. The main problem Zhan believes is the excessive curiosity of onlookers and the lack of suitable clothes in free sale. He transferred several operations to remove the tumor of the pituitary gland and on the brain. One of the best friends of the man is the woman Yao DaFeng, whose growth reaches 236 centimeters.

5. Nasir Ahmed Soomro

The fifth place among the highest people is rightfully given to Nasir Ahmed Soomro, who has a height of 236 cm. For one year from 1999 to 2000, in Taiwan, a man worked as a living exhibit, being a kind of symbol of the Guinness Book of Records. Nasir managed to realize himself as a coach in volleyball, teaching children this sport. A man was born in 1975, he was diagnosed with acromegaly. Nasir does not consider his growth a disadvantage and feels quite confident in the society. He lives in Pakistan, on the offer of one of the leading medical centers in the United States to move to participate in research responded with a categorical refusal.

6. Bao Sisun

A Chinese citizen, born in 1951, Bao Xishun, has a height of 236 cm and is the sixth in the ranking of the world's greatest people. Despite its outstanding height, the man married a girl of normal growth. From 2005 to 2007, he was recognized as the tallest man. Bao became famous for his extraordinary deed: using the length of his hands, he extracted foreign objects from the stomachs of two dolphins, thus saving animals. A man lives in the north of China and is a shepherd of a sheep herd.

7. Sun Minmin

With an increase of 236 centimeters and a weight of 168 kilograms, Sun Minmin is the seventh in the ranking of big people in the world. The man was born in 1983 and is an active basketball player, continuing his sporting career at the club "Beijing Dax". The pituitary tumor, discovered in 2005, was successfully operated. Several years he played in the US, Mexico and Japan, played for different clubs. In the team in 2012 he became the champion of China in basketball. Sun also starred in several films, took part in the filming of TV programs.

8. Raduana Charbiba

The growth of the Tunisian resident Raduan Charbib is 236 centimeters, and it is the deserved eighth place in the ranking of the highest people in the world. A man was born in 1968, an abnormal growth began at age 12. Raduana's main passion was basketball, but he could not realize the advantages of high growth, and the man finished his sports career without achieving serious results. In the world, the man became famous for his small episodic role in the second part of the Star Wars franchise. On this actor's career was also finished. There are no reliable information about the professional employment of Charbiba.

9. Nikolay Pankratov

The highest person in Russia, as well as ranked ninth in the world ranking, is Nikolai Pankratov. Being a native of the Chelyabinsk region, the man born in Troitsk in 1989 has a height of 235 centimeters and a weight of 140 kilograms. Nikolay had to undergo surgery to eliminate the curvature of the leg. Pankratov has a higher financial education and plans a career as a bank employee. According to the giant, he never dreamed of sports achievements, so he is far from sports and basketball, a traditional discipline considered by all high people.

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10. Igor Vovkovinsky

Born in Vinnytsia region of Ukraine in 1982, Igor Vovkovinsky is recognized as the country's tallest man and takes the tenth place in the world ranking. His growth stopped at around 235 centimeters. Since seven years he lives in the United States, where he is under the close supervision of doctors. In all, the man had to postpone 16 surgeries. World fame brought him entry in 2013 at Eurovision, where he was a member of the team Zlata Ognevic.

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