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Top ten Beautiful Nail Matte Designs

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Matte nails are very popular, and in order to make them you do not need to buy special matte nail polishes. You can make all your own nail polish matte, and all you need a matte top coat bottle. Almost every brand is one nail polish, from the high end of the drugstore.

Here are Top 10 Beautiful Nail Matte Designs you should try ...

Nail Matte Design # 10

Paint your gray nails, then using a lighter shade of gray to draw some flowers. At the end, mattify the whole design.

Nail Matte Design # 9

Use the classic taupe color to paint your nails, and then add some large glitter at the bottom nail. To get the glitter gradient effect use sponge piece. Mattify!

Nail Matte Design # 8

This one is too easy. Matte black nails with some rhinestones in rainbow colors. It could be better?

Nail Matte Design # 7

Another design including polish nail neon. They look great with a top matton coat over, especially when you add some tropical flowers with your hand.

Nail Matte Design # 6

On the one, apply a black nail polish, mattify it, and some nail glitter polish on the tips on your middle and finger nails ring. Make the look glitter like water flowing.

Nail Matte Design # 5

Use the metallic silver nail polish as a base, then repeat the process using the black nail polish and leave 2-3 mm empty at the nail root. In this way you will be matte ruffian nails.

Nail Matte Design # 4

To do this, use purple and black color. First, apply purple as a base, and then using a small piece of sponge and a nail polish to make a gradient effect. Apply top matte coat layer and made your matte gradient.

Nail Matte Design # 3

Use the nail turquoise polish suit, stamp the sibling design over it and apply a matte top coat set. If you do not have stamping equipment, you can always pull your whistles manually and the nails are beautiful on your nails

Nail Matte Design # 2

This is the simplest way to use top matte coat to make matte manicure interesting. Just apply for nail polish as usual, add french nappies to your nails and apply one set of matte top coat. Do this way will leave your nail tips glossy, and will get a beautiful french hand.

Nail Matte Design # 1

Gradient or ombre nails are very eye-catching and simple to do. Use your favorite nail summer neon polishes to create this sunset effect and mattify it

The matte nails should you try. Even if you do not like matte nails, some of the designs you could see are definitely worth trying. So, get your nails polishes and give some of these chance manicures ...

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