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Top Ten Amazing Animal Records

Friday, 29 December 2017

Animals are generally impressed by beauty and charisma, and they conquer people around the world. However, there are those who present incredible skills, and often with record in the books of the records. In this selection are highlighted the incredible 10 records made by animals.

10.  Sheep Of The Largest Quantity Of Wool In The World

Top Ten Amazing Animal Records

Over 40 kg of wool was cut from a ram found near the capital of Australia, making it (unofficially) the world's largest wool sheep. The animal, named Chris for its saviors, was discovered on the outskirts north of Canberra and is said to be struggling to carry the weight of its cover.
Tammy Ven Dange, chief executive of RSPCA ACT, estimated that Chris had more than 5 years of wool on him, and probably little contact with humans. Read more

9.  Greater Horned Cattle

Top Ten Amazing Animal Records

Joe Sedlacek of Greenleaf, Kansas is right to be proud, his Texas Longhorn ox, called Lazy J's Bluegrass, has a horn measuring 2,978 m in length from side to side. Bluegrass took the Guinness World Record in a competition held by the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association.

8.  World's Tallest Cow

Top Ten Amazing Animal Records

The 1.93m cow named Blosom is officially recognized as the tallest cow by Guinness World Records. Although she is no longer alive, the 907.18 kg cow was announced as the new record owner in 2014. Blosom died on a farm in northern Illinois on May 26 after stopping this record for less than a year.

7.  Larger Ears Of A Dog

Top Ten Amazing Animal Records

Harbor, a black and golden 8-year-old coonhound dog from Boulder, Colo., Is now in the Guinness World Records book for having the largest ears on a live dog. Their left and right ears measure 31.11 cm, and 34.29 cm, respectively.

6.  Largest Human Runner Crossed By A Skateboarding Dog

Top Ten Amazing Animal Records

An English bulldog named Otto has set a new world record for the "longest human runner run by a skateboarding dog", that is, at the very least, impressive!
The bravely 3-year-old dog traversed through the legs of 30 humans, who stood in the same direction and stood with their feet spaced so Otto could pass freely without being led or touched. He tried the record in Peru in celebration of the Guinness World Records Day 2015.

5.  Fastest Turtle In The World

Top Ten Amazing Animal Records

A turtle from Durham, North Carolina, has left its competition in the dust for being crowned the fastest the world has ever seen. Bertie, the fast turtle, follows at a speed of about 0.96 km / h. This means that it is twice as fast as the average turtle, and can finish a 100 m run in just 6 minutes.

4.  Most Basketballs Buried By A Parrot

Top Ten Amazing Animal Records

Julie and Ed Cardoza are parrot trainers and owners of Zac, a 25-year-old parrot who owns a Guinness World Record for the largest quantity of basketballs buried by a parrot in a minute.
The Cardozas, from San Jose, Calif., Have been showcasing their birds trained for over 20 years at birthday parties, corporate events, libraries, and schools. Zac can ride a bike, scooter, skateboard, roll, raise a flag, and more.

3.  The Longest Snake In The World In Captivity

Top Ten Amazing Animal Records

At 7.67 meters in length, Medusa, a retired property pike by Full Moon Productions in Kansas City, Missouri, is the longest snake ever kept in captivity.
The 8-year-old 158.8 kg reptile is kept curled in a corner in the house of haunted attraction, The Edge of Hell, with its cavernous brick warehouse. The main diet of Medusa consists of a combination of rabbits, pigs, deer served to it, every two weeks.

2.  Dog With The Biggest Eyes

Top Ten Amazing Animal Records

Bruschi is a 4 year old black and white Boston Terrier living with his owner, Victoria Reed, and his other Boston Terrier, Toby, in Texas. He holds the Guinness World Record for "dog with the largest eyes" measuring 28 mm in diameter.
Reed followed the Guinness into a joke after friends, family and even the dog's veterinarian commented on his bulging eyes. Guinness took the opportunity to know a little Bruschi and happily crowned him with his title. Read more

1.  The Smallest Cow In The World

Top Ten Amazing Animal Records

In 2014, this 6-year-old cow, known as Manikyam, was confirmed as the smallest in the world by the Guinness World Records team. At just 61.5 cm high, Manikyam broke the previous record of 69.07 cm.
The cattle live in Atholi, in the southern Indian state of Kerala with its owner; a farmer and environmentalist named NV Balakrishnan, who got it when he was still a newborn calf. Despite feeding her like all the other cows on her farm, Manikyam never grew beyond. She is smaller than a labrador.

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