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Top Seven Definitions of Sexy in other countries

Friday, 22 December 2017

When we think of beauty, we all have a different idea and a different perception of what we find beautiful and sexy. It is therefore in the eye of the beholder to judge. Today I introduce to you 7 beauty ideals from different countries of the earth.

7.  Lotus Feet

Top Seven Definitions of Sexy in other countries

The foot bond also known as lotus feet were common practice in imperial China. Girls over the age of 5 years were bandaged to prevent feet from growing. The toes were tied under the sole of the foot, which was very dangerous, because it often came to diseases and infections that led to death. Women with these feet were recognized by their unique gait and foot shape. For women with lotus feet, people were considered to have a high social standing and because of their foot shape they did not have to work. The other way round, people who are poor and who are unable to connect their feet, need their feet to work all day. This gave them a lower rank in the society. Joining of the feet was banned in 1912, but recently an elderly Chinese woman was seen who could possibly be the last lotus foot lady.

6.  The V-line Face

Top Seven Definitions of Sexy in other countries

A V-line shape of the face is the # 1 beauty feature in Korea. If you are not born with this beauty feature, you can undergo a facial surgery to make the perfect look. In subway stations, billboards encourage women to follow this ideal. Korean celebrities are photographed from an angle that creates the illusion of the perfect V-line face. If you are not or can not undergo surgery, you will be offered countless products that promise to help even without surgery. So there are next to creams and masks also pull straps, which are strapped around the head.

5.  Au Naturel

Top Seven Definitions of Sexy in other countries

Many French women do not understand the long and persistent trend of make-up. Her beauty ideals are to look as natural and subtle as possible. Instead of standing in front of the mirror for hours and buying make-up, these French women invest all their money in creams and lotions to make their skin look natural, smooth and shimmery. They strive for a sexy, radiant look and find women who wear too much make-up look older than they are.

4.  The Eyes

Top Seven Definitions of Sexy in other countries

Opinions are valid in many Central European countries: Eyes are the window of the soul. Many Arab women spend huge sums on black eyeliner to emphasize their eyes. They mean that heavily stressed eyes make an exotic and mysterious look. Especially in regions like Saudi Arabia, where most women hide their faces, eye play improves their self-esteem.

3.  The Ears Stretching

Top Seven Definitions of Sexy in other countries

Stretching the ears is a beauty ritual in many parts of Africa, but especially among the Maasai men and women in Kenya. The ear holes are slowly widened. In addition to jewelery also stones and pieces of elephant tusks are used for this purpose. The larger and longer the holes become, the more appealing the exterior is perceived. Also can be derived from the size, how long someone belongs to the tribe. The enlarged ear holes are provided with jewelry and pearls.

2.  Gyaru

Top Seven Definitions of Sexy in other countries

Gyaru is a popular subculture in Japan and means "young woman" or "girl". This subculture has many different facets. Generally, however, it describes fashion-conscious young women of a Gyaru-specific fashion type. The features of Gyaru fashion are eye-catching makeup and hairstyles. In Tokyo, there are countless shops that specifically equip the Gyaru movement. Even the government of Japan promotes culture as a new export product and supports fashion shows to present them.

1.  The Lips Plate
Top Seven Definitions of Sexy in other countries
Some African and Amazonian tribes have a beauty standard that many here in the country may find funny and crazy. But among these groups, it is a tradition to wear big lips plates. When a girl reaches puberty, the two lower incisors are removed. This is followed by a piercing in the lower lip, which is then widened with a piece of wood. Gradually, larger pieces are used. The larger the plate, the more desirable the woman is, because a large plate means beauty, maturity and the value of a woman in cattle.

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