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Top Best iPhone Apps

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Of course, in the first place, any smartphone, including the iPhone of any series, is a means for communication. But at the same time, it offers a wide range of functions using various convenient applications. Consider the most top-end and necessary ones.

1.  Find The IPhone

Top Best iPhone Apps

A very useful and convenient application that helps the user find their device, in case of loss. Any other apple device will show the location of the lost iPhone, if necessary, you can also block the lost smartphone, erase data, check the battery charge level or reproduce the sound for easy searching. Read More

2.  Super Flashlight Best Flash Light

Top Best iPhone Apps

The light of a regular flashlight is sometimes not bright enough. This application activates the flash iPhone, thus providing a bright and continuous light. This application is also convenient because it can be turned on with the help of cotton, and adjust the brightness with a special slider.

3.  Google Translator

Top Best iPhone Apps

Need to translate some word from any language to Russian or vice versa? Google translator, specially for smartphones on iOS, will solve this problem in a matter of seconds. The application is also convenient because you can use the sound reproduction of words, as well as make a photo of an incomprehensible word and load it into the application. The translator works great with all these formats of treatment.

4.  Shapseed

Top Best iPhone Apps

This application is a photo editor that allows you to take high-quality photos. The program contains a large number of filters, allowing you to thoroughly edit the photo. In addition, it is possible to make repeated processing of one photo.

5.  Office Mobile

Top Best iPhone Apps

This is the official application from Microsoft for working with files such as Excel, Word and Power Point on the iPhone. The program allows you to open documents that contain not only text and tables, but also graphics, diagrams, shapes, graphics and even animation.

6.  Buy A Loaf

Top Best iPhone Apps

An excellent and convenient application for shopping. Going to the store you can make a shopping list on your device and easily cross out them in the process. This list can be saved and sent by mail or message. In addition, it will be available on all attached devices. The second user will see this list, and be able to make their own adjustments.

7.  iBooks

Top Best iPhone Apps

The application-reader, which enables book lovers to open an e-book on their device. Convenience is that the application already has a built-in library, but with the help of it you can open any other downloaded book. Markers and bookmarks are available in the application.

8.  Smart Alarm Clock

Top Best iPhone Apps

Smart Alarm: Sleep Cycles Noise Recording - this application simply explodes the brain. This alarm clock keeps track of all night shifts in bed, sleep phase and wakes up the user during a light sleep period. Perhaps, it will be before the given time, but the state of health of the awakened will be much better. Another application supports playback that is pleasant for falling asleep or waking up music. Read more

9.  In Your Pocket

Top Best iPhone Apps

A very convenient application for those who constantly forget their passport data, TIN, driver's license data. VKarmane allows you to store scanned copies of any documents with a password of a high level of complexity.

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