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The truth about redheads

Friday, 22 December 2017

For people with red hair, many immediately think of Pumuckl, the loveable sassy character who flickered across the screens in the 80s. Others have stereotypes in their heads, like witches are redheaded or women with luscious red mane are fiery lovers. People with freckles and red hair must come from Ireland or be very naughty. Many people with just this hair color suffer from prejudice, because they are different and inevitably noticed.

But the eye-catching hair also has advantages and one thing they do in any case: They make a person special and downright unmistakable. No wonder, then, that people with this hair color are not only recognized faster, but also stay longer in the memory: good for the career, very bad for criminals with red hair, because due to a special gene they can be identified by tests with absolute certainty.

Only one to two percent of humanity has red hair, as the gene for the particular hair color is recessively inherited and the color can hide over several generations - until suddenly a baby with red hair in the family. Redheads need to be extremely careful in the sun, because they quickly catch a sunburn because they lack a gene that makes the skin brown and thus at least limited protection against ultraviolet radiation and also sunburn.

Anyone who has both red hair and blue eyes, by the way, should feel particularly special, because only about one percent of the world's population has this extraordinary combination: Most people with red hair have either brown or green eyes. Red hair is particularly thick and thus the red mane looks all the more magnificent, although people with shades between copper, red blond and chestnut red have between 20,000 and 50,000 fewer hairs than people with brown or blond hair.

By the time the emperors were in charge in Rome, slaves with red hair were in demand and accordingly expensive, for they should bring great strength and determination. In the Middle Ages, people with the particular hair color were quickly suspected of being in league with the devil and practicing witchcraft - by the way, men were just like women, even though they died much more often at the stake.

Redheads did not have it easy in the Third Reich: Hitler had forbidden marriage for people with red hair - after all, they were not considered Aryan. Just a few decades ago, in Ireland, the country where ten percent of the population has red hair, these people were spurned - supposedly their presence made the milk sour.

Anyone who has ever tried to get rid of his red hair for a while at least, will have noticed that this is not so easy: Red hair take very bad hair dye - to achieve success, you have to bleach them before and that harms hair. So be proud of the red splendor! The older you get, the easier it will be with the red hair, by the way: First, you will not be as fast gray as the other hair colors, and secondly, you can enjoy pretty nuances like copper, blond or silver.

However, doctors should look closely at people with red hair: While temperature differences are perceived more extreme, pressure and feel are not so pronounced and anesthetics do not strike as with other people.

Incidentally, people with redheads are on average also more successful than anyone else because of their distinctiveness. For the 140 million people with red hair worldwide, that's good news - the world leaders are open to them! And if there is still a business lunch, even the hottest dishes are less of a problem, because people with red hair can tolerate the sharpness of food much better. For all women who are struggling with their hair and the eye-catching color: Red hair not only stands for the supposedly passionate lover (by the way, not proven!), But also gives their owners, whether men or women, more respect in everyday life. Proverbial whistles for the best place at the bar are less of a problem for people with red hair.

So you can be really proud of the red hairbrush, because it not only makes you special, but also brings with it a lot of advantages and remarkable properties. Not for nothing do many women dye their hair in various shades of red. Incidentally, in women, men with red hair often do not fare as well as women with fiery mane do in men.

But beware: Due to climate change and the associated more intense sunlight, the genetic disadvantage for people with red hair is getting bigger and the great hair color with their already low distribution is indeed at risk of extinction. In addition, people with the pale skin and the special hair, the increased UV radiation to create, so their risk increases, suffering from skin cancer: So always good and with a high sun protection cream. But that is true for everyone.

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