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When Nasreen Drives | Rahim Pardesi

Saturday, 11 November 2017

When Nasreen Drives | Rahim Pardesi

A BLACKBURN driving school has been featured in the latest video of popular YouTube sensation Rahim Desi Pardesi.

Sam’s Angels Driving School was approached by the channel where the character ‘Nasreen’ learns to drive.

The video has already amassed more than 800,000 views with countless more shares across social media.

Rahim Desi Pardesi plays a variety of roles including those of women on his YouTube channel.

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His brand of Punjabi and Scottish humour has been seen him gather thousands of subscribers who eagerly await his latest material.
Sam Mahmood, from Sam’s Angels Driving School, said: “Rahim Pardesi wanted to do a sketch on his wife Nasreen, also played by himself, taking a driving lesson so contacted us as they loved the funky and sassiness of the Long Lashed Mini.
“It took whole day to the filming in Glasgow to produce the video.
“He told me a brief story about what he was going to do and it was great fun actually.
“He is a family entertainer and he tends to produce material and storylines so anyone can watch it.”
In the video the popular Nasreen character decides she wants to take up some driving lessons with hilarious consequences.
Mrs Mahmood said since the video went viral she had received requests from across the country to conduct driving lessons.
She said: “I get so many enquiries from Glasgow from people wanting driving lessons.
“People have shared it so many times and I have got loads of comments from people who’ve seen it on social media.
“In total it got more than 40,000 likes and 9,000 comments.
“We have had people texting us and Whatsapping us and in-boxing us on Facebook, Instagram and on Snapchat telling us what a fantastic video “As it is subtitled I’ve even had non-Punjabi speakers message me saying how they found it so funny.”

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