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Superstars scared senseless: WWE Top 10

Thursday, 2 November 2017

#wwe #halloween #wrestling #superstars

Even the toughest of Superstars are susceptible to fear from time to time. Here are 10 Superstars who got scared senseless in a spooky altercation. Let me ask you, Do you think its funny of its really scary to be scared of. Hope you all know WWE is just all about entertainment so i think this video is more funny then scary, what do you people think?

It's Halloween and even the most hardcore of WWE's talent can end up frightened.
Unsurprisingly, The Dead Man features along with his brother Kane, while Bray Wyatt will haunt John Cena's dreams forever with a showcase scare.
And you'll certainly get the chills when The Boogeyman comes knocking. Booker T couldn't wait to get out of the room when he's comin' to getcha!
Jake 'The Snake' Roberts has Andre The Giant quaking in his boots when he brings out the cavalry, as does Miss Elizabeth.

"Buckle up, Teddy!" That's a clue to our number one entry, but what does The Undertaker do this time?
#wwe #halloween #wrestling #superstars

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