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Pakistani organizations which internalized #JoMeinChahoon and ultimately made their mark

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Five Extraordinary Pakistani organizations which internalized #JoMeinChahoon and ultimately made their mark


Pakistan, a land of 207 million people is replete with individuals who reached the pinnacle of their professional career, be it in the genre of sports, media, entrepreneurship or education.
These Pakistanis who set themselves apart and ventured their own firms believed in their learned skills but another factor that helped them achieve success was the inborn talent they carried with themselves.
#JoMeinChahoon was something they internalized while realizing that nothing was impossible provided one is passionate enough and finally after toiling hard, they were able to clinch the victory in their respective fields.
Let’s have a brief overview of how these Pakistani companies opted the ‘stand out’ policy to achieve their goals.

Asset financing #JoMeinChahoon

Pakistan’s I.T giant Netsol has made its mark in providing innovative IT solutions to the global asset finance and leasing industry. Our forward thinking workforce not only meets the deadline but goes a mile more in satisfying its clients as many as 200 across the globe with notable names like Mercedez Benz
The Netsol’s vision is defined by the ‘Bill Gates of Pakistan’ Salim Ghauri who started the company back in 1996 and with a never ending pursuit for success made it the leading firm. Netsol’s finance management system eases corporate bodies because it analyses their problem and provides a readymade solution with #JoMeinChahoon

Digital security #JoMeinChahoon

Veiliux envisioned the future of digital world and the severity of its vulnerability and so it is striving hard to make it safe and secure with its tech savvy team led by Shahmeer Amir. Our services enable online entities to work in a hack free environment because we believe in security with #JoMeinChahoon
We, at Veiliux not only thwart Hackers bid to compromise digital assets but also test applications for web and mobile version with #JoMeinChahoon

Shoe show #JoMeinChahoon

Markhor is revamping the ingredients of fashion with the launch of its handcrafted shows. The consumers are attracted to our wearable because we believe in doing our work passionately by investing extended hours of tough labor and attention.
Markhor’s journey started when Sidra Qasim and Waqas Ali met with a group of craftsmen in the local village council of their hometown of Okara. By envisioning that the craft of locals can be cashed they started Markhor and raised $107,000 through a Kickstarter campaign. Markhor presents style and comfort with #JoMeinChahoon

Health consultancy #JoMeinChahoon

Marham is Pakistan’s first ever portal that is connecting the patients with the medical practitioners through the digital medium. Patientsprefer Marham application as they don’t need to physically walk and approach the clinic, which becomes impossible being sick.
Ehsan Imam is the man behind Marham who launched the portal after facing hardships when his father was ill Marham aims to treat patients over the digital medium with #JoMeinChahoon

Food Parity #JoMeinChahoon

Rizq is an initiative to distribute the food to underprivileged class of the society that would otherwise go waste. The LUMS students behind the move took leftover food from different stops and provided them to the hungry at Railway station Lahore.
Rizq aims to play its part to rid Pakistan ‘of the nuisances of hunger and malnutrition’ and energizes the ignored section of Pakistani society with #JoMeinChahoon
The stories of extra ordinary Pakistani organizations shared above endorse that nothing is impossible in this world but the essential element of success is inborn desire and a passion to go a mile more.
If you have the passion and you crave insatiably for success, no obstacle can block your path to a journey adorned with success and recognition.
Even if you fell shy of freedom to execute your dreams, why not to rise and shine to the extent possible in this universe to make this planet progressive and more livable.

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