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Meera singing Titanic theme song will leave you cringing

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Meera Jee singing ‘Titanic’ song will leave you cringing

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Pakistani actress Meera Jee leaves no stone unturned to surprise her fans and this time she has shocked everyone by singing Celine Dion’s evergreen song ‘My heart will go on’ from the Hollywood movie ‘Titanic’.

The controversy queen of Lollywood is back in limelight, but this time with a video of her singing in a talk show. Recently Meera was invited for an interview at a local television show where she decided to showoff her talent by singing the famous song. Soon after, the video clip surfaced on social media in which the actress can be seen singing the song.

Seeing the video, one can only say that Meera should stick to acting only. The actress might have many talents but singing for sure is not one of them. However, despite the video making you cringe, it surely is fun and amusing seeing Meera sing the lyrics of the iconic English song.
Meera has credited herself more fame not based on her talent or acting skills but rather on the series of her controversies. Currently, Meera is busy planning her wedding to Captain Naveed. The actress reportedly went to India to meet her favorite designer Manish Malhotra for her wedding dress.

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